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It is more difficult than ever for franchisees to make informed purchasing decisions. In the reality of COVID19, industries both national and abroad are faltering. But even so, some industries have managed to not only survive, but flourish under the worst of circumstances. To understand why they’re trending, and to understand what potential franchisees should look out for, I’ve drawn up a list of some of the most resistant franchise businesses operating right now that have become essential.

Cleaning Industry

It’s self-evident that businesses and residential houses are caring more about sanitization now more than ever. The cleaning industry has taken advantage of this turn of events and is thriving during the COVID19 pandemic. With so many state and federal laws now requiring businesses to disinfect periodically, it should be no surprise that demand has increased for cleaners across the board.

Pest control services are making the switch to fighting pathogens instead of insects and vermin, seeing profitable growth and hiring more employees than before. The industry has experienced an unprecedented boom, which has reverberated across all other markets. Many businesses are reevaluating their guidebooks on cleanliness and putting more effort into building a janitorial staff.

Painting Services

Whether it’s part of routine maintenance, or the result of home-bound people needing help on their projects, painting and coating has faired the pandemic better than most. A rise in demand for protective coatings all across the board has additionally compelled growth in the painting industry. At that level, the industry moves towards developing safer UV-curable coatings for use in the automotive, flooring, and general metal industries as well.

The market is expected to continue growing beyond the pandemic as issues of cleanliness and protection remain a hot topic beyond an eventual vaccine.

Property Damage/Disaster Recovery

Another essential business, demands for damage assessment and fixing have proven very resistant, even in times of recession and pandemic. Many labor industries have shown resilience to the domination of companies like Amazon too. The fact of the matter is that a demand will always exist for repair and recovery, the latter especially during a pandemic when the sick are encouraged to stay home for weeks on end.

Disaster recovery industries are also fairing the pandemic well; floods and fires are still as common as they ever are in rough times. These businesses may even be more essential than before, as more people staying home lends itself to a higher risk of housefires.

Lawn Care

Like other labor fields, lawn care is still in demand: grass and foliage still grow and overgrown trees still fall in times of pandemic and recession. With more people staying home than usual, the industry has seen a spike in growth, as more are paying attention to their lawns and taking the time to have proper maintenance done.

This was exacerbated by the turning of the seasons as the lockdown began taking effect during the early spring and summer months. People not only wanted to maintain, but to improve their lawns by planting new foliage or laying down sod or mulch to take advantage of the time spent at home.

Senior Care/Home Care

A lack of trust in nursing homes after outbreaks of COVID19 among staff and patients has driven many to consider home care for their elderly relatives as an alternative. Seniors requiring care has led to another boom in demand for sitters or home care providers. Families are taking on these roles, but as the economy opens again, home nurses are seeing growth in their industry.

In terms of the home care industry, the greater number of patients staying home has created a niche market almost unique to the pandemic, where demand has risen for more workers in such a short span of time.

The essential service businesses thriving right now share a few things in common: the presence of some demand for a kind of labor that cannot be eroded by pandemic, big business, or recession, and property services. Though many businesses are struggling, the property and people within still need to be maintained, even in such times. It is an exceptionally large market that has only grown due to the pandemic.

Regardless of the circumstances, people will need to keep their loved ones and homes safe. Awareness of the virus and the realities of living isolated has only made them realize the importance of property services more than before. These industries continue to blossom in this environment, becoming lucrative opportunities for potential franchisees. Management of businesses, personal homes, vacation homes, and all kinds of property is at a high, all of which should be considered by those looking to own a franchise resistant to the pandemic age.

About the Author

Eddie Rodriguez has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner for over 30 years, primarily in the Apparel industry. He’s also owned a multi-unit fitness franchise, as well as working as a franchise consultant for the past 6 years. If you want to open a new business, his background and experience will serve you well. Contact Eddie at 305-460-9925 or at eddie@thefranchisetailor.com.

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