Fitness Focused On The Booming 55+ Age Demographic

Gyms and exercise facilities often overlook the 55 and older demographic. This same age group is also the wealthiest and has the most unrestrained time to spend on fitness! Doctors are also discussing the importance of exercising and eating a healthy diet with this age group. This is the fastest-growing age group, with an expected 65.9 million people by 2025.

The CDC reports adults age 50 and up need to become and stay physically active. Over ¼ of this age group are physically inactive. Physical activity can reduce the risk of moderate or severe functional limitations in mid-life and older adults. It also reduces the risk of premature death and supports positive mental health and healthy aging. Non-institutionalized adults age 50 and up spend $860 billion annually on health care. Four in five of the most costly, chronic conditions in this age group can be prevented or managed with physical activity.

A great franchise targeting this demographic is The Exercise Coach. It is a low-cost, simple and profitable franchise. This is a boutique fitness concept that offers personal, one on one training and is appealing to people over 50. It is also attractive to folks who need to become more fit yet have resisted joining a traditional gym or haven’t enjoyed a past gym experience.

The founder of the Exercise Coach’s focus from the beginning was to develop a way to offer an intense workout of shorter duration that produced results through high intensity yet safe and approachable regimen. The Exercise Coach offers an exercise routine that dramatically improves the fitness of its members in just two twenty-minute workouts a week.

The workouts occur on a scheduled basis in a semiprivate setting, where the members work directly with their “exercise coach.” The workout uses specialized equipment that includes five machines manufactured by The Exercise Coach’s sister company, three cardio machines that utilize a technology the franchise developed, and three other pieces of equipment. All of the workouts revolve around the specialized use of this equipment. The Exerbotics intelligence platform in the equipment tracks each workout and stores clients’ data safely and securely.

The franchise owner is responsible for hiring Exercise Coaches, overseeing administration and operations, ensuring customer services, and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). The owner is also responsible for sales and marketing, including social media, direct mail, and following up with inquiries. The franchisor systems for daily studio management, staff management, sales, and retention, how to sell, tracking business metrics, managing marketing, and financial systems, and more.

There is no fitness experience required to purchase an Exercise Coach franchise. The franchisee can either be the on-site operator or choose an Executive, semi-absentee model. They also must be comfortable with managing people, have a strong customer service orientation, and enjoy impacting the lives of the people they serve. Notably, there needs to be a commitment to manage the marketing that helps drive awareness and bring in customers.

Features of The Exercise Coach

  • Two Size Models available: Studio and Suiten
  • Low Initial Investment for Fitness Concept n
  • A low number of clients needed to break-even n
  • Small Staffing Requirements (2-4 FTE)n
  • Proprietary Fitness Technology n
  • Lifestyle Opportunity: 74% Multi-Unit Ownershipn
  • Membership Based = Recurring Revenuen
  • Target Market Focus of 50+ Consumers – Highly Differentiated n
  • Simple and Effective marketing plan!n

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