Why Veterans Should Consider Franchising

One of the most difficult adjustments for veterans returning to a civilian lifestyle is the matter of finding a job. It’s difficult to find many positions where the particular skills developed through active duty transfer over outside of government-backed jobs. But there is hope for veterans who want to break into the private sector.

Owning a franchise location is a great jumping-off point for many veterans, becoming a popular choice for those looking at getting started in business with military experience. There are plenty of reasons that make opting for becoming a franchisee an excellent choice. Some of these include:

They’re entering into established businessesnOne of the most difficult adjustments veterans face in moving into business ownership is the learning process. Veterans are used to working within established frameworks, with time-tested rules and training to support them, which might not be all there in smaller companies and upstarts.

A franchise system is an already established and functioning system, often complete with its own training systems and operations manual. Joining one means joining a brand that’s already been perfected: no legwork to establish credibility needed. This takes the stress off of veterans and allows them to readily fit into a culture of hard work where their skills shine.

They’re trained to follow orders and practices

Franchise ownership isn’t just about managing a business and employees. It’s committing to a set of guidelines to help the franchise grow. Veterans are used to such roles; taking charge to lead teams while also having the training necessary to understand the importance of following rules regardless of circumstances. nnnVeterans excel at putting plans into place and following through with the execution, finding a proper niche for themselves in the chain-of-command. There is little worry that a veteran will struggle with grasping the position or find it difficult to carry out what corporate wants from them.

Most franchises provide them with discounts

As more veterans are turning to owning franchises, more franchises are choosing to give back. Many franchises are offering discounts to veterans on franchise fees. VetFran, a program affiliated with the International Franchise Organization, reports over 500 franchises giving discounts and benefits to help veterans get their start in owning a franchise.nnnOther incentives offered by companies include discounts on application and inventory fees, as well as other benefits dependent on the company. It’s worth doing research on any franchise opportunity; you never know what incentives might be available.

They don’t have to start a business

Working in an established business is a lot easier for most veterans to grasp than the alternative. Though both require investing time and resources, there’s significantly less risk involved in veterans who want to own a franchise compared to those who favor building a company from the ground up. Benefits notwithstanding, franchise ownership is often easier for veterans who want a place they can put their skills to work immediately, rather than starting over from scratch. nnnWhile both options might be an investment, the risk is lower and the rewards are greater for veterans who choose becoming franchisees.

They create their own executive-level opportunity

Joining a company at a menial job or entry-level from a position of leadership in military service is often a difficult and disheartening leap. Owning a franchise allows veterans to create their own executive role, rather than starting over from the bottom of the corporate ladder. nThis kind of role tends to suit veterans better, and allows them to have better opportunities than if they were to go to work for another business while avoiding the difficulties of starting their own.

Veterans have plenty of options when it comes to integrating into civilian life, and franchise ownership has become a viable option; companies are finding that veteran-run franchises are performing just as well, if not better than, those run by traditional owners. nThese sorts of benefits serve to only sweeten the deal for veterans: they have options to put what they learned in the military to use while also making their move into business quicker and easier than ever before. On top of that, benefits to veterans make this kind of opportunity affordable to those veterans just starting out.

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