A Case Study: An Interview with Jorge Vargas, Director of a Private Equity Group in Mexico

In 2020, I started working with a client, Jorge Vargas. He is a Director of a Private Equity Group in Mexico and he and his group were interested in exploring franchise ownership as an investment and a means to move to the US via an E2 Visa. Read my interview with Jorge below to learn about his journey into selecting the right franchise based on their criteria and goals.

Eddie: Why did you and your group consider investing in a franchise business?

Jorge: We were looking for investment alternatives that had high growth, a good return, franchisor support, was “easier” to launch, and needed a small investment ticket.

Eddie: What was your criteria, besides your motivation to move to the United States, in considering a particular franchise?

Jorge: Besides the reasons mentioned above, we liked the tremendous scalability of the franchise we purchased, Monster Tree Service. It stood out in terms of growing exponentially and the risk/reward profile.

Eddie: How much do you feel you knew about franchising before we started working together?

Jorge: To be honest, we did not know much about franchising before working together. We were shocked at the size of the industry, and the vast number of franchising opportunities out there.

Eddie: Jorge, why did you decide to work with me, a franchise consultant, to assist you in finding a best fit opportunity?

Jorge: This was not a hard decision. We had many interviews with other consultants but felt an immediate click with you. You made “things look easy”, and you were extremely helpful in narrowing down our options. You were also vital in getting us to the finish line.

Eddie: What were the most important factors for you and your group in driving your decision to invest in a franchise?

Jorge: After careful analysis of other investment alternatives, the Monster Tree Service franchise was the investment that better met our timeline, check-size, and returns needed.

Eddie: After considering quite a few franchise opportunities that I introduced you to what made you decide to invest in Monster Tree Service?

Jorge: Finding the franchise that met our criteria and exceeded our expectations regarding growth opportunity, investment returns, and franchisor’s partnership were the decisive elements in the decision.

Eddie: What type of training, such as marketing and business development does Monster Tree Service provide to its franchisees?

Jorge: Monster Tree Service offers solid launch support in terms of know-how and marketing. Also, the community with other franchisees provides valuable experience and help along the way.

Eddie: What advice to you have for others possibly looking into buying a business?

Jorge: Definitely consider franchises as an investment option. Having a clear idea of what you want and are looking for will make the selection process a lot simpler. Don’t compromise your needs, have patience, and the right opportunity will come eventually.

Eddie: What are your future plans in your decision to make the big move to the United States?

Jorge: We plan to use this franchise as a first step. The idea is to form an attractive investment platform by expanding this franchise and adding more franchises and investments along the way.

About Monster Tree Service

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About the Author

Eddie Rodriguez has been a successful entrepreneur/business owner for over 30 years, primarily in the Apparel industry. He’s also owned a multi-unit fitness franchise and worked as a franchise consultant for the past six years. If you want to open a new business, his background and experience will serve you well. Contact Eddie at 305-460-9925 or at eddie@thefranchisetailor.com.

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